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commission status : closed
waitlist : closed


TypeDescriptionBase price
Full Body Chibifull render , A4 size$20
Headshotfull render , A4 size$30
Full Bodyfull render , canvas size depends$50


TypeDescriptionBase price
B&Wno wips/revisions , headshot/half-body , A4 size$10
Simpleno wips/revisions , headshot/half-body , A4 size$15

  • you will get files in PNG format (with background version + transparent version), 350 dpi, no watermark

  • prices depends on complexity and amount of characters. another character 2x the base price

  • you can request for portrait/landscape


  • A commission order can be declined if i'm not able to fulfill what the request specifies.

  • I don't accept refunds or cancellations after i've started working on the commission. However, a full refund is guaranteed if I'm not able to deliver the commission at all.

  • I don’t draw characters from written description, please include visual reference unless it's a character i can find easily.

  • Please notify me beforehand (or by filling the form) if you want privacy for your commission. (eg. you don't want your username to be written publicly in the progress tracker, no posting WIPs, no sharing before a certain date, etc.)

  • Please use the commissioned work accordingly to what you paid for. Personal commissions are strictly only for personal use. Commercial commissions are allowed for commercial purposes and has been specifically discussed with me.

  • This commission is a digital artwork, there will be no shipping of any physical goods unless stated or discussed otherwise.

  • Do not claim the art as your own. Please credit me (kkaonim or @kkao_cm) when necessary.

  • You can edit the commission to your liking, but please credit me for the original art when necessary.

  • Duration of the work depends on the commission type and schedule. Currently commissions will take 1-3 weeks. I will notify you if there are any delays. Requesting for deadlines may cost additional fees depending on the date.

  • Commissioned artwork are not allowed to be used for NFT or AI learning/generator under any circumstances.

  • By commissioning me, you fully agree to my Terms of Services. Please read everything in this section. Public blacklist and PSA will be posted for anyone who violates my terms depending on how serious it is and won't be transacted with in the future.


  • currently only accepting Paypal

  • Upfront payment or 50% Deposit at the start and pay the rest after commission is finished.


..Fill Commission Form and send to twitter or E-mail..

..Discuss in chat..

..Confirmation & Payment..

..Sketch sample (any changes/major/minor ok!)..

..WIPs (lineart, color, render) (only minor changes)..

..Finished commission will be sent via E-mail..

  • Some commission type may differ in workflow or revisions (it'll be written if there's any difference)

  • Asking for major changes after i've worked past sketching stage may cost additional fees

  • Process is the same for waitlist, due for payment could be set on a later date as long as you pay before I start

  • Check your commission progress here or ask me directly


ask first
OC / FanartReal life peopleCouples / Yume / Gijinka
Youthful looking characters / Young adultsElderlies / Babies 
Kemonomimi / Humanoids / Simple animalsMecca / Detailed animals 
Mild injuries / Blood / SuggestiveNSFW / R18 / Heavy gore 

feel free to contact me if you have any questions
updated on 13 August 2023 - subject to change without prior notice


  • Commission type :

  • Character Reference : (insert link or picture)

  • Description : (describe your request - ex. pose, expression, mood, color, etc.)※※

  • Background : (none/simple backgrounds)

  • E-mail & Paypal E-mail : (to send finished art and invoice)

  • Credit / Anon : (I might post wips / results on my socials, commissioner gets credit by default but you can choose anon)

  • Notes : (optional - anything you'd like to tell me)

  • I agree to your Terms of Services. (include this when you send the form. No need to change the words.)

※for safety, i will only accept links from google (drive, docs, etc), imgur, notion, or picture sent directly in DM
※※you can also include self-drawn figures / doodles to describe it